9:00 – Welcome & Intro – Chief Paul and Valerie

10:00 – Your Sacred Place in the Journey of Seeds – Michele Chalice

When growing seeds, we are embarking on a mystical journey. I believe that this journey is also a healing, sacred adventure, not perfect mind you, but filled with portent and possibilities. As each seed grows into the plants we’ve wished for, we’ll be experiencing our plants’ colors and textures as well as their movement through the rain, wind and sunshine in our landscapes. We can also, however, be choosing our seeds for and noticing who visits our plants and how they help to heal, re-establish and provide resilience to our interconnected ecosystems. Our seed choices can support and enhance not only our lives but also, for just one example, the lives of the insects that feed the birds which fill our hearts with song.
Michele Chalice, owner of Healthy Home Habitats, has a BA in Landscape Architecture and an MS in Resource Management. She is delighted to be offering several decades of landscape architecture, natural resource planning and gardening experience with residential clients. She offers native landscape education workshops, coaching, public programs and home landscape/garden designs. She inspires diverse, resource-efficient home landscapes with less drudgery and chemicals, more bees, birds, butterflies, blooms, berries, vining vegetables, native pollinator plants, joy, health and peace. You can find out more at www.HealthyHomeHabitats or follow Healthy Home Habitats on Facebook and Instagram.

11:00 – Introduction to Human-Centered, Nature-Based, Permaculture Design – Valerie Piedmont

Permaculture is a philosophy and design approach that encourages humans to mimic and work with the patterns, relationships, and functions of nature , instead of against them. Permaculture design is based on thoughtful observation of these elements in our local environments, to create abundant yields of food, fiber, and energy for our communities.
In this brief presentation, Valerie will introduce some of her personal favorite design principles, and will help you to take some first steps towards bringing your own permaculture vision to life. Be prepared for fun and connection!
Valerie Piedmont, homesteader, founder of The Sustainability Project, and grandmother is a citizen of the Ko’asek Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation. She believes her ancestral lineage may have always informed her purpose and work on the planet.

11:00 – An introduction to Aikido – Bill Whyte

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art that offers a different way of training body, mind and spirit. We work with dynamic circular movement, throws and locks, and with ukemi – the art of falling and rolling safely and gracefully to stay safe. We’ll do some stretching and movement exercises; we’ll play an Aikido game or two and we’ll illustrate, through exercises and conversation, Aikido’s focus on peace and freedom, not war.
Bill is an Aikido black belt and has been studying Aikido for over 30 years. He began teaching in 2006 and currently holds classes at Aikido of the Monadnock Region in Gilsum, 4 days per week.

1:15 – What it Takes to Feed 200 Families in the Monadnock Region – Jack Rixey

Dog Days Farm is a 3-season farm distributing vegetables, fruits, and herbs through its CSA, farm store and plant stand, farmers’ markets, and restaurants and groceries throughout the Monadnock Region. Our produce is grown using organic principles and following integrated pest management guidelines. It is always fresh, clean, and ready for your dinner table.
Dog Days Farm was established in 2023 by Jack Rixey, manager of Tracie’s Community Farm for the last 7 years. In 2022, Jack bought Tracie’s Farm to start his own farm business on the property. He and Tracie continue to have a close relationship, and Dog Days Farm is meant to carry on the legacy of Tracie’s into the future!

1:15 – Sound Healing – Nova

Nova Rein is a sonic explorer, who finds inspiration from the songs shared by all living beings.
From these inspirations Nova has deeply connected with the Didgeridoo, Native American flute, frame drum, and an assortment of other instruments to help ease the body and mind into a relaxed state that brings one into clarity with their own inner journey.
This seed celebration they will be offering a soundbath with the intention to tune us to the plant kingdom.

2:15 – Guided Therapeutic Movement – Luna Bop

Luna will be guiding therapeutic movement and breath to add embodiment to our celebration! Join in collaborative shapes and flows with new friends to heal and recharge your body and community. No experience necessary, appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness.

3:15 – Firebird Morris Dancers

Firebird Morris is a non-traditional Morris dancing team focusing on Molly and Border dances originating in the border region of England and Wales. Based in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire, this mixed-gender team performs typically late April through October at festivals, street fairs, and various celebrations. You will see our brightly colored red, yellow, orange and black “rags” flying through the air behind us! We always welcome new dancers and musicians!