Welcome & Intro – Chief Paul and Valerie


Mycological Landscaping – Dave Wichland

This workshop will discuss the significance of mushrooms in the world and why they are so important to the garden, forest and our lives. Different examples of growing mushrooms will be shown.

David Wichland is a naturalist, mountain guide, and certified permaculturalist! He became very interested in the pursuit of agroforestry in 1998 and discovered the power of mycology in the whole of this model. He has been studying and experimenting since then. Dave teaches permaculture design with a mycological twist at nature centers, schools, garden clubs and to individuals as a consultant. He grows fresh mushrooms, mushrooms spawn, and experiments with growing mycelia in agroforestry and gardens. He also spends time as a carpenter, husband and father of 3 children!

Nature Inspired Community Leadership – Valerie Piedmont

Humans are brilliant, loving, cooperative, caring and completely up for the challenges of our times. All we need is each other and some non-hierarchical nature-inspired leadership skills!  Be prepared to have fun, finding our place in each other’s hearts as we together create visions, inspired by love, compassion and inclusion to heal ourselves, each other and our life giving planet.
Valerie Piedmont, homesteader, founder of The Sustainability Project, and grandmother is a citizen of the Ko’asek Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation. She believes her ancestral lineage may have always informed her purpose and work on the planet.

Elemental Rhythm and Flow: Dances inspired by traditional Afro-centric practices – dance with Kamala Burden

This energetic and interactive movement session will include a thorough warm-up, simple movements inspired by West African dance, and time for fun and improvisational dancing. Guaranteed to get you moving!

Kamala Burden is a dancer, musician, and visual artist. She has been a practicing movement therapist for many years and is an initiated priest in the Orisha tradition of West Africa.

Climate Cafe – Brian Bishoff

Climate change and other types of ecological damage such as pollution and loss of biodiversity are having negative effects on nature, human societies and individuals all over planet Earth. Emotional responses to natural disasters and the ongoing destruction of our planet can include grief, fear, anger, despair, numbness, denial etc. We will have a loosely structured, supportive discussion about how climate change and other eco-issues impact our emotional well-being and how we live our lives and on humans in general. This won’t be focused on a discussion of technical and policy issues or solutions.

Brian has lived in the region since 1984 and currently resides in Rindge NH with his wife Betsy Marshall. Gardening, fermentation, mushrooms, exploring in the woods and learning about eco-distress and nature as a healer are his current passions. He has an education in Environmental Studies and Permaculture and has been involved with The Sustainability Project and the Harris Center for Conservation Education for many years.

An innovative Building Technique that Could Have a Positive Impact on Global Warming and Housing Equity – Jeeni Criscenzo & Juan del Rio

A building system developed over decades by Treecycling, a California not-for-profit, could reduce the number of mature trees harvested by 15 to 25 percent if adopted on a global scale. This building system, known as I WOOD, mills grooves into lumber, preferably at the mill, to produce more usable boards from small diameter trees, leaving the mature trees with their valuable carbon sink, intact. In addition to doubling the board feet that could be harvested from younger trees, I WOOD grooved boards can be stacked together for far less shipping and storage volume and weight. The groove allows for simplified construction techniques, that not only speed up the building process but also increase the efficiency of insulation. These, and other benefits all translate into bottom-line reductions in cost as well as environmental impact.

Jeeni Criscenzo and Juan del Rio saw this I WOOD building system, as a practical, short-term solution to provide quick and affordable emergency shelter. The organization they founded in San Diego has recently completed building a small community of these sleeping cabins using the I WOOD technique.

They will be demonstrating some the I WOOD system and what tools are required to mill the grooved boards. And they will show how the building system has been used to construct housing as well as many other useful wood products. Their goal is to inspire local woodworkers to mill the grooved boards with a planer and special I WOOD bits.

Abenaki, Past and Present – Chief Paul

Chief Paul “Gwilawato” Bunnell has been chief of the Koasek tribe since 2008, elected in as sub-chief, and in 2010 as chief, and is presently serving his latest 7 year term until 2027.

Short histories of the Abenaki and migration habits, some ancient history locations, eugenics and extermination challenges, and present day programs around our donated land in Claremont and plans for our cultural and nature preserve for animals and plantlife.

How to Grow a Fabulous Garden – Celeste Longacre

Celeste will show a PowerPoint presentation on how to grow a beautiful garden. With over 160 color pictures designed to provide insights and how-to information on soil preparation, planting, weeding, thinning and harvesting, this gives participants the tools that they need to plant and maintain a garden. Pictures are more specific than just words.

Celeste Longacre is the author of “Celeste’s Garden Delights” and an accomplished gardener who has been growing most of her family’s vegetables for over 40 years. She also does a “Green Living” column for the Monadnock Shopper News.  For further information visit her website at www.celestelongacre.com.

Microgreens Workshop! – Jack Rixey

Join Jack Rixey of Dog Days Farm and learn how to grow your own delicious greens right on your kitchen counter! In this demonstration, Jack will go over the process of seeding, raising, and harvesting microgreens for long life and great taste.

Dog Days Farm is a 3-season farm distributing vegetables, fruits, and herbs through its CSA, farm store and plant stand, farmers’ markets, and restaurants and groceries throughout the Monadnock Region. Our produce is grown using organic principles and following integrated pest management guidelines. It is always fresh, clean, and ready for your dinner table.

Dog Days Farm was established in 2023 by Jack Rixey, manager of Tracie’s Community Farm for the last 7 years. In 2022, Jack bought Tracie’s Farm to start his own farm business on the property. He and Tracie continue to have a close relationship, and Dog Days Farm is meant to carry on the legacy of Tracie’s into the future!