While our organization’s efforts focus on nature studies and bringing sustainability to our local communities, our long term goals are global. By focusing our attention on the natural world we can be reminded of the peace that exists at all times regardless of the strife and complexity of our times. Sustainable communities are reflections of the inherent nature of human beings: caring, intelligent and cooperative.

Sustainability: Meeting the needs of the present without jeopardizing future generations’ ability to do the same.

Executive Director
Valerie Piedmont

Board of Directors
Betsy Jane, Skot Jervis, Lenoir Law,
Nancy DuBosque, and Robert Willard

Advisory Board
Randy Carmel, Taryn Fisher, Dan Law,
Iris Piedmont-Fleischmann,
Jeanne Sable, Tom Sintros,
Jennifer Targett, and Dave Wichland

In addition to mission driven programs, The Sustainability Project hosts three signature events: The Annual Seed Celebration & Sustainable Community Fair in February, The Wholesome Foods Breakfast at the Gilsum Rock Swap & Mineral Show, and the Annual Music & Art in the Forest Open House at the end of September.