ORDERING: Your order is due the Sunday before delivery each month. We are using a web-based ordering system provided by the warehouse – United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI). When you join the coop, you will be given a username and password to access this website. Log on to Please make any last-minute changes/additions/deletions to your order before the deadline of 6:00pm Sunday.

DELIVERY: Food is delivered once a month to the First Baptist Church, 105 Maple Ave. in Keene, on a Wednesday morning. We use the side door, on your left as you face the church.

PICK-UP: Your order is usually ready to be picked up any time after 9:00am on Wednesday. You can come earlier than that as long as you don’t mind helping with finishing the distribution. The latest pick-up time is 2:00pm. We try to be cleaned up and out of the room by 2:30pm.

PAYMENT: Pay for your food when picking up. You will find a computer-printed invoice with your order, listing the items delivered. You are responsible for checking your order and making any adjustments for mispicks or other mistakes. If there are any problems with your order, notify Suelaine ASAP. Any credit requests must be made within 5 days of delivery.

Phone: 352-8616
Mailing address: 54 Brook St., Keene, NH 03431

WANT TO JOIN? To get started, send the following information to Suelaine:
• Name
• Phone Number
• Email Address
• Mailing Address

FEES: The membership fee is $10.00, payable to “West Keene Food Coop”.

QUESTIONS?: Please do not hesitate to ask someone. It can be confusing, especially at first. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

ORDERING TIPS: If you order a whole case, you will most certainly receive the item, unless it is out-of-stock or mispicked at the warehouse. If you order less than a case, it will only come if others also order it, to complete the case.

Therefore, the sooner you enter your “splits” on the ordering website, the better the odds of receiving those items. By doing so, you will give others more time to see what you are trying to get, and hopefully they will order some as well. Also be sure to look at what others are trying to receive and consider helping them fill their cases.

Another approach is, when ordering, to indicate your preferred amount (“order qty”) and also how much more you would be willing to take to help receive that item (“more”). For example, if there are 12 units in a case, and you want at least half of the case, you would enter 6 under “order qty”. If you want to make sure to receive the item, you would enter 6 under “more” to complete the case. In other words, 6 (”qty”) + 6 (“more”) = 12 (full case). In this example, if another member orders 4, you would then receive the remaining 8 to complete the case.

The West Keene Food Co-op is not a program of The Sustainability Project, for more information please contact Suelaine Poling.