The Emerson Brook Forest Sustainability Project. Celebrate the diversity and interconnectedness of life.

The Denizens of the Emerson Brook Forest

Every plant and animal is a fully sentient being. It’s time for us to rekindle our relationships with other life forms! We can even love the bugs because they are part of the web that makes life possible.

Here, we will introduce you to the inhabitants of Emerson Brook Forest.

May 09 Bioblitz
Photos by Kenneth Barnett
big rock

Big Rock

citronella ants

Citronella Ants



yellow trout lily

Yellow Trout Lily

quartz and may flowers

Quartz and May Flowers

red eft

Red Eft

red eft

Predators Beware, the eft’s skin is toxic!


Sundew, a Carnivorous Plant

Sundew digesting an ant

Sundew Digesting an Ant




Isn't She a Beauty!
  Orb Weaver Spider  

Your spider is definitely an orb weaver of some sort (Family Araneidae)- those are the spiders that build the stereotypical spiral shaped webs.   This is a very gravid (full of eggs) female which is why she looks so unusual.  I don't know if she is still around and alive but I will bet that she has laid that egg sac by now if she survived.  For some reason she must have gotten knocked out of her daytime hiding place and web.   It's hard to say exactly what genus she is in but I am going to guess that she is a Nuctenea species of some sort.  Below is a weblink to a british Nuctenea, probably a different species than yours but very similar and you can read more about her.

Keep up the good spidering!




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