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12th Annual Seed Celebration

The Sustainability Project presents the 12th Annual Seed Celebration & Sustainable Community Fair on Saturday, February 11th from 8:45am to 4:30pm. The celebration will be held at the Orchard School, 114 Old Settlers Road, in Alstead, NH. There will be Vendors, Educational Displays & Workshops, Family Fun, Music, A Cafe, Seeds, and Raffle. There is a suggested donation of $10 per person or $20 dollars for family For more info call (603) 209-7272.

This year's theme "Building Resilience, Regenerating the Earth" focuses on environmental stewardship, gardening, tools for personal transformation and skills for living well in a changing world.

Come visit these tablers:

Schedule Of Events

All Day:
The Caterpillar Lab, Activities for Children & Families, Exhibits, Displays, Cafe, Raffle, Seeds For Sale & Swap

8:30 Event Opens
8:45 Welcome
9-9:45 Valerie Piedmont: Designing the Self - Community Room
9-10 Marty Castriotta: Intro to Permaculture - Farmhouse
9-9:30 Doug Clayton: Intuitive Biochar Inoculation - Classroom A/Outdoors,
Outdoor component: 9:30-10 & 2:45-3:15
9:45-10:30 Jan Lambert: Let's Save the Rain - Classroom A
10-10:30 Tom Prunier: Kimchi - Cafe
10:15-11:30 Carl Majewski: Grow Your Own! - Farmhouse
10:30-11:30 Hilary Richardson: JoyMoves - Community Room
10:45-11:45 Dave Wichland: Mycological Landscaping - The Big Picture - Classroom A
11-11:45 Anton Elbers & Jenny Wright: Pruning - Outdoors
12-12:45 Solar Sisters Concert - Community Room
1-2:00 Kevin Warzecha & Dee Denehy: Tiny Houses - Classroom A
1:15-2 Kate Dean: Mending: Repurposing Textiles - Community Room
1:15-2:15 Medicine Story: Permaculture of the Heart - Farmhouse
1:30-2:30 Chip Chapman: Managing your Woodlot - Outdoors
2:15-3:15 Lionel Chute: WALES & the 5 Imperatives - Classroom A
2:15-3:15 Lior Sadeh: The Way of Tea - Cafe
2:30-3:15 Bill Whyte: Visualization -- the art and practice of imagining - Farmhouse
3:15-4:00 Lil' Orphans band - Community Room
3:45 Last Call for Raffle
4:00 Raffle Drawing
4:30 Clean-up Begins!

This year's sponsors include:

Green Energy Options Monoadnock Food Co-op
The Orchard School W.S. Badger
Gem Graphics
Please thank them for their support.

9:00 - 9:45 Designing the Self - Valerie Piedmont

Valerie Piedmont, founder and director of The Sustainability Project, lives off-grid in the Emerson Brook Forest with her husband, Pablo. In addition to homesteading, they run a family business, Green Energy Options as well as a bed and breakfast. According to Valerie, "Humans are brilliant, loving, cooperative, caring and ingenious by nature, completely up for the challenges of these times". "Designing the Self" draws on permaculture principles to plot out a course to our happiest, most alive, intelligent, and beneficial relationship to ourselves, each other, and the natural world. Join in this fun workshop for skill building and the sense of being part of a loving, caring community. Community Room

9:00 - 10:00 Introduction to Permaculture - Marty Castriotta

Marty Castriotta grew his first potato when he was 12 years old on a worn out piece of ground behind his parents' house. He's been attracted to the idea of growing food and building soil ever since. He started growing seriously in 2001, working on several organic farms prior to moving to Orchard Hill in 2004. His passion is in integrating all aspects of the farm into one living and feeding system. Plants, animals, buildings, water systems and land forms all play vital roles in his farm design. Marty has a BS in Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MS in Environmental Studies from Antioch Universtiy. He and his wife, Ellen, have owned and operated their farming enterprise, Village Roots, since 2005. Farmhouse

9:00 - 9:30 Intuitive Biochar Inoculation - Doug Clayton

Doug Clayton is a designer-builder, homesteader and permaculturalist who has been seeking his bliss at Land Trust at Gap Mountain in Jaffrey for the past 35 years. He has been a biochar enthusiast for 10 years. Pre-treating biochar by incorporating it into a composting process has become a "standard practice". Doug has been presoaking biochars in liquid fish and seaweed fertilizers, molasses, fermented teas and human urine. There may be no better inoculation of biochar than passing it through an earthworms gut. Biochar can assist with the efficient and safe recycling of urine, maintaining the fertility of hundreds of square feet of garden plot. Classroom A

9:30 - 10 & 2:45 - 3:15 Biochar Making Devices for the Gardener

Demonstration of how to make high adsorbing biochar from woody biomasses like tree prunings and wood chips without making smoke. Outdoors

9:45 - 10:30 Let's Save the Rain - Jan Lambert

Jan, of Charlestown, NH, is the author of Water, Land and Climate - The Critical Connection. Explore both ancient practices and new advancements in rainwater retention and landscape care that are inextricably linked to stable climates. By taking simple steps to restore the natural cycles of water in and above our landscapes we can also expect to enjoy cleaner waterways, replenished groundwater, greater food production, more wildlife habitat, improved outdoor recreation and reduced erosion, flooding and drought. Save the rain that falls on your land to help restore your climate! Classroom A

10 - 10:30 Kimchi - Tom Prunier

Tom Prunier makes kimchi and plays the fiddle in Westminster, VT. Café

10:15 - 11:30 Grow Your Own! - Carl Majewski

In this introduction to starting a vegetable garden, we'll discuss soil preparation, variety selection, starting seedlings and planting techniques, and managing pests. Carl has been with UNH Cooperative Extension in Cheshire County since 2002, and he enjoys working in all areas of agriculture. Farmhouse

10:30 - 11:30 JoyMoves dance - Hilary Richardson

JoyMoves is a dance improvisation collective that has been meeting in Keene three times a week for a number of years. Come enjoy moving to world music. No direction given. No experience or ability needed. Community Room

10:45 - 11:45 Mycological Landscaping: The Big Picture - Dave Wichland

David Wichland is a naturalist, mountain guide, and certified permaculturalist! He became very interested in the pursuit of agroforestry in 1998 and discovered the power of mycology in the whole of this model. He has been studying and experimenting since then. Dave teaches permaculture design with a mycological twist at nature centers, schools, garden clubs and to individuals as a consultant. He grows fresh mushrooms, mushrooms spawn, and experiments with growing mycelia in agroforestry and gardens. He also spends time as a carpenter, husband and father of 3 children! This workshop will discuss the significance of mushrooms in the world and why they are so important to the garden, forest and our lives. Different examples of growing mushrooms will be shown. Classroom A

11 - 11:45 Pruning - Anton Elbers & Jenny Wright

Anton Elbers has lived in NH since 1971 when he came to Alstead to learn farming as a young man. He helped plant and establish the orchard at Orchard Hill Farm in East Alstead back in 1972. Annual pruning is a large part of maintaining this orchard that is primarily apples, but also pears, plums, and peaches on a variety of rootstocks. Anton will be sharing some of what he has learned from working with the trees at Orchard Hill over the years.

Jenny Wright, of Unity, NH, started pruning apple trees in 1970. Since then, pruning has become a family profession. Jenny and her husband, Stan McCumber, work locally, January through March, pruning in both commercial and residential settings. Jenny is the author of two manuals, "How to Prune Old Apple Trees" and "Pruning Young Apple Trees." Outdoors

12 - 12:45 Solar Sisters Concert - Valerie Piedmont & Jeanne Sable

"Solar Sisters" Valerie Piedmont and Jeanne Sable have been bringing their unique brand of "eco folk music" to the greater Keene, NH area for over a decade. With tight harmony singing and finger-style guitar, they perform original songs of farm and garden, sustainable living, and contemporary issues for fairs, festivals, libraries, schools, and other venues. As executive director (Valerie) and adviser (Jeanne) to The Sustainability Project they are dedicated to promoting a love of nature, environmental stewardship, caring communities and ways of living that deepen our understanding of the interconnected web of life. Community Room

2:30 - 3:15 Visualization: The Art & Practice of Imagining - Bill Whyte

Consider this workshop a brief space and time for you to create a "visualization mandala" on paper-a piece of "spirit art" that you can use as a daily reminder, mentor, guide and friend. Bring some colored pencils if you can! Bill is founder and CEO of the W.S. Badger Company in Gilsum. Farmhouse

2:45 - 3:15 Biochar: Making Devices for the Gardener - Doug Clayton

Demonstration of how to make high adsorbing biochar from woody biomasses like tree prunings and wood chips without making smoke.Outdoors

3:15 - 4:00 Lil' Orphans band - Pete & Linda Simoneaux

Lil' Orphans has been performing traditional and original Cajun and Creole music from south Louisiana, and beyond, for over 25 years. Led by New Orleans native Pete Simoneaux on fiddle and vocals, and spouse and partner Linda Simoneaux on button accordion and vocals, Lil' Orphans typically performs in an acoustic setting, ranging from a fiddle/accordion duo, to a 4 - 5 piece band, augmented by acoustic guitar, bass, drums or percussion.

Peter & Linda have shared the stage with many notable artists, including Beausoleil, Savoy Doucet, C.J. Chenier, Mamou Playboys, Buckwheat Zydeco, and others. In 2011, they released their debut CD, 'Big Powerful Woman', under the name of their fully electrified band, Lil' Orphans Cajun Express, more recently rechristened Bayou X. Community Room

2:15 - 3:15 The Way of Tea - Lior Sadeh

Blending herbal tea is an artistic experience. It provides you with the opportunity to play with color, smell, taste and texture. Join Lior to learn the whys and hows of herbal tea blending. Begin by learning how to dry your own herbs, good sources of dried herbs and how to check for quality. We will take time for talking about creating medicine for the whole human being by using different parts of the plants. Our focus will be on herbs that you can grow in New Hampshire and that are helpful for the winter around here. We will take a virtual walk in Bee Fields Farm herb garden and explore different textures, colors and smell. Lior is an herbalist and a biodynamic gardener. Her passion for local food and local traditional medicine inspired her to found Bee Fields Farm with her husband Elad. Bee Fields farm is home for a vegetable CSA, more than 100 different medicinal herbs, goats, chickens and bees. Lior's love for the local plants of New England inspired her to cultivate "At Risk" species and turn Bee Fields farm into a United Plant Savers Sanctuary. Her faith in the healing qualities of herbs, the lessons she learned from the plants and her experience with using herbal medicine for over 15 years guides her when preparing remedies. Café

1 - 2 Tiny Houses - Kevin Warzecha & Dee Denehy

This presentation will provide an overview on planning, building and living in a tiny house. Kevin and Dee will utilize personal experience from building their own tiny homes. Kevin started as a laborer for a contractor and came to realize how much he enjoyed the industry. Now, 24 years later, he is a custom contractor. In the process of researching tiny house construction for his nephews, he got bit by the tiny house bug. Kevin truly enjoys the challenge of building tiny homes. Living in a tiny home allows him to live closer to nature while significantly reducing his carbon footprint. He enjoys the simplicity and ease of caring for a tiny home. Dee Denehy has a background in the environmental education field, organic and sustainable landscaping, public works and property care-taking. Currently, her focus is on friends, family, farming and living life to the fullest as she works on building a tiny house on wheels; a new life goal of slow, simple living. Classroom A

1:15 - 2 Mending: Repurposing Textiles - Kate Dean

Kate Dean has been working with thread and fabric for over fifty years. She received her MFA in Studio Art with a focus on textiles, in 2016, and is also a holistic health coach. She teaches classes and workshops in fiber arts and art making for people affected by stress, trauma, cancer, war, and other conditions in need of healing. Learn easy mending techniques to extend the life of clothes and fabrics, and other ways to reduce your textile footprint. Community Room

1:15 - 2:15 A Permaculture of the Heart - Medicine Story

One of the most useful concepts of the Ecovillage and Transition Town movements is the practice of permaculture, organically facilitating the natural growth of food and health enhancing trees and plants in shared communities. What The Circle Way and our tool of Supportive Listening amounts to is a Permaculture of the Heart, how to bring into our new communities natural, simple, organic methods of re-connecting and allowing the flourishing of our natural inherent qualities. A Permaculture of the Heart is a study of what puts us at our best, what makes us flourish, what help from others nourishes the best of who we are, our essential nature, and what empowers us to extend that help to others. Manitonquat (Medicine Story) is a storyteller, an elder and a keeper of the lore of the Assonet Band of the Wampanoag Nation of Massachusetts. Author of 12 published books and a former columnist and poetry editor with the internationally acclaimed journal Akwesasne Notes, he has also edited Heritage, a journal of Native American liberation. He directs a program for Native prisoners in the NH state prison, and with his wife Ellika leads international family tribal living summer camps in 10 European countries. Farmhouse

1:30 - 2:30 Managing Your Woodlot - Chip Chapman

Chapman graduated from the University of Vermont forestry program in 1979. He worked on logging crews and as a forester for several large New England forest products companies for eight years. Since 1987 he has been an independent forestry consultant for private landowners. He was a contributing author on the committee that published the first edition of "Good Forestry in the Granite State" in 1997. Most of his time now is spent working with his wife Sang on 147 acres of open space, gardens and forest in Gilsum that he has owned since 1985. He is a Licensed NH Forester. Outdoors

2:15 - 3:15 WALES & the 5 Imperatives - Lionel Chute

There are many serious environmental problems facing humanity, occurring at every scale: local, national, and global. But fortunately, these problems are all inter-connected, and once they have been grouped and prioritized viable solutions emerge. Join Lionel for a synthesis of our shared environmental landscape, and what can and must be done to ensure a livable future. Lionel Chute has been preoccupied with natural resource sustainability since 1992, when he gave up a 15 year career in acting to go back to school to study forestry. Over the years, he has worked on ecosystem-based forest management, assessing and documenting rare plants and animals, and growing and selling local foods. Today, he works for Sullivan County as its Director of Natural Resources, and is also the District Manager of the Sullivan County Conservation District. Classroom A

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