The Sustainability Project
Emerson Brook Forest Center
For a future we can live with

Photo by Michael Moore, The Keane Sentinel, May 28, 1998

The History of The Sustainability Project
The Emerson Brook Forest Outdoor Education Center

The following is an ongoing account of the formation, challenges and progress of The Sustainability Project Inc. since its inception. The unforeseen circumstances that arose along the way, strengthened our foundation, and helped us gain new skills while expanding our network of support.

We include the chronology and our organization’s foundational documents for any that might benefit from seeing our nonprofit process. Nonprofit status, while necessarily (but not insurmountably) bureaucratic, bridges a gap that exists between citizens and their government and increases the visibility of an organized effort. Grassroots endeavors, like the Sustainability Project, serve to navigate civilization through the changes necessary for the sake of future generations. If you have a vision for the future, share it with others and persist. We’re behind you! Sincerely,

The Sustainability Project

Board of Directors

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The Sustainability Project
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