Community Seed Order

By placing your Fedco seed order through The Sustainability Project, you save on shipping charges and help support our mission driven programming and our Emerson Brook Forest Center’s trails and perennial gardens. We choose Fedco Seeds because they offer a large selection of organic, heirloom, and open pollinated varieties.  We will be placing our second order on Friday, January 15th. You can visit to browse the seeds, or be in touch if you would prefer a paper catalog.
Orders may be emailed to Lenoir at or mailed to ‘The Sustainability Project, PO Box 311, Gilsum, NH 03448’. Be sure to include product ID number, name, and quantity desired as well as your contact information. These orders are for seeds only, NOT Moose Tubers or Garden Supply. Please make checks out to: The Sustainability Project. We’ll notify you to make arrangements when your seeds are ready for pick up. Thank you for your support!

Not sure what to get? May we suggest this collection of tried & true organic favorites: Provider Bush Beans, Danvers Main Season Carrot, Bull’s Blood Beets, Deluxe Lettuce Mix, Tatsoi Mustard Greens, Bloomsdale Spinach, Genovese Basil, Sugar Snap Peas, Oregon Giant Snow Peas, Solar Flashback Calendula, Sugar Baby Watermelon, Uncle David’s Dessert Buttercup Winter Squash, New England Pie Pumpkin, Early Summer Yellow Crookneck Squash, Blue Scotch Kale, Marketmore 76 Cucumber, Pink Brandywine Slicing Tomato, and Peacevine Cherry Tomato. 
Order this set through The Sustainability Project for $50 or customize your list!

My 2040

by Valerie Piedmont, September 2020

Recently, many in our community viewed a film entitled 2040.  The film offered an amazing vision of how humans could move toward a regenerative way of life using today’s existing modern technology. Panelists and the audience were asked to share their own particular vision.

In my 2040, we have broken away from our dependency on fossil fuels. The carbon emitting fires of the industrial, military, prison and institutionalized age have gone cold. We reached a critical mass understanding of how much we had to sacrifice in order to feed a greedy, addictive, exploitative and endlessly destructive way of life that brought on the sixth recorded major extinction on the planet. Collectively, we slowly began reclaiming the Earth as our Mother and with that, the deepest desire to protect her and all of the life she supports.

We learned some harsh lessons about what’s really important. We need a living, breathing biosphere, free of toxic chemicals to live good lives. We need pure water, clean air, and fertile soil teeming with microscopic organisms.

All of our foods and medicines are sourced locally. Rather than striving for technological advancements, we have become comfortable with our place within the web of life. We consider each other as kindred spirits. We know how to resolve conflicts respectfully. We live independently or communally and have perfected the art of sharing, caring, cooperating and appreciating the gift of life. We look for guidance from children and nature-inspired leadership. We honor and celebrate the full circle of life with limitless expressions of creativity.

What’s your 2040?