The Emerson Brook Forest Sustainability Project. Celebrate the diversity and interconnectedness of life.

    The ongoing development of The Sustainability Project and The Emerson Brook Forest Outdoor Learning Center reflect a self-sustaining community oriented process. Our activities are determined by an unwavering commitment to the well-being and safety of the wild environment. Our programs are designed to encourage stewardship and healthy living by enhancing our connection to ourselves, each other and the natural world.

Calendar of Events

    These photos offer a glimpse of the Sustainability Project's multifaceted endeavor over time.  To view some pictures of Emerson Brook Forest inhabitants, click on our Natural History page.

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Seed Celebration and Sustainable Community Fair - February 15th

Fall 2013

September 29th, 2013 Official Opening & Photos    

Winter 2013

seed celebration 2012

Seed Celebration &
Fair 2013


Winter 2012

seed celebration 2012

Seed Celebration &
Fair 2012

Poster Contest 2012

Sustainable Future
Poster Contest 2012


Winter 2011

seed celebration 2011

Seed Celebration &
Exchange 2011


Summer & Fall 2010

Solar System Raffle July 2010

Solar System Raffle

Rock Swap Whole Foods Breakfast 2010

Rock Swap 2010
Whole Foods Breakfast


Winter & Spring 2010

Seed Celebration

Seed Celebration & Exchange


Edible Forest Garden Establishment Workshop


Summer & Fall 2009

Seed Saving Workshop

Seed Saving Workshop


Nearer to nature

Nearer to Nature


Gilsum Rock Swap Healthy Foods Breakfast

Whole Foods Breakfast

Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon
Celebration of Art

Winter 2009

Zapino Winner Photo

Pictured are Pablo Fleischmann-Green Energy Options, Beth Ketaineck-Scooter Winner, Valerie Piedmont-The Sustainability Project, and Lenoir McDougal-Monadnock Earth Festival Organizer.

Seed Celebration



Fall 2008

Remaking Eden 

Sustainability Fair 



Spring 2008 The Bioblitz

Spring 2008 Bioblitz Natural Resource Inventory
Wild Cucumber 

A cozy Hemlock! 

Sizable interesting Skat! 

Our fearless leader, Al Stoops 

Red Eft 

February 2008

Fall 2007

Dancing and Chanting 

Eli lights the first ceremonial fire 

Kathy Raynes shares Native American stories. 

Natural History Walk 

Summer 2007

The Tepee Crew
August 2007 

Bodhi and Marcus 

Betsy and Oliver 

Edith and Genevieve, members of the Ashuelot Grange are pleased with the progress 


Building the leanto September 2007 

Father and son carpenters, Wayne and Eli  

Berny, Ariel &Pablo getting a start on an accessible outhouse. Fall  2007 

A motley work crew Summer 2007 

February 2007 Ayed Saad, Antioch student completed an in-depth study of the Emerson Brook and Trout Brook Watersheds 

A first look at our new 33 acre parcel of land in the Emerson Brook Forest 

Winter 2006
Genevieve Lounder entertains and educates at the 1st Annual Seed Celebration

Spring 2006 
Mushroom Cultivation with Dave and Jenny Wichland

Edible Forest Gardening with Dave Jacke


Kindergardeners garden at the Gilsum Elementary School 


The beauty of a forest, far from the distractions of urban life, is often inaccessible to those with mobility challenges.� On Sunday, August 21st, 2005, more than 40 people moved beyond �the Gate� to reach the wheelchair accessible trails of The Sustainability Project�s Emerson Brook Forest center. Several took advantage of adaptive equipment provided by Northeast Passage and White Mountain Adaptive Ski and Sports.

Nolan's Having Fun

Ready For Anything

Music and Fun For All!

Making Our Way Up

We Can Never Have Enough Music

Gilsum Elementary School  Nature, Nutrition & Gardening Club.  Good Food Is Fun!

Trails Construction Day: Spring 2004

Girls In The Garden...Harvest Time!

Skot's First Visit To The Yurt 7/04

Nate and the Wild Cucumber

Valerie says: "It's nice to be part of a herd"

Stewards of the Earth Weekend Workshop

Erik at the Bio-Blitz

Students from Keene State College prepare the site for the Visitor Center

Iris Piedmont-Fleischmann and Donovan Lombara walk in The Emerson Brook Forest,
Gilsum, New Hampshire
September 2003

EBFSP Board Member Shirlee Ingalls, daughter Trenna, and grandson Travis in
The Emerson Brook Forest

Mark and Dan were among the thirty people who showed up for our September 20th, 2003 Trails Day sponsored by Eastern Mountain Sports.

The sand box tipi

This tent was donated by
Eastern Mountain Sports.
Platform constructed by
Tom Sintros and his
environmental studies class.


"The Emerson Brook Forest Community Weekend"
July 11 - 13, 2003

Gathering for the workshop

Bill Jack, of Marlborough, gave us a primer in the Art of Dowsing. We made our own dowsing rods out of hangers and set out to find water in The Emerson Brook Forest.

In a workshop facilitated by
Charlie Sable and Leandre Poisson, we built a solar food dehydrator designed by Leandre.


Pablo looking pleased... The solar food dehydrator is ready for the finishing touches.


Open House November 8, 2003

    About 40 came to see our progress during our open house on November 8, 2003. In the evening, we gathered to view the full eclypse of the moon. It was cold, but we're all well dressed and had a fire to warm our hands.

Tehewa & Cody Brown

Cody tries his new walker on the trail.

Chas & George warm up in the yurt on a tour of the EBFSP.


Cody at home in the yurt!


    Our school out reach program fosters an appreciation of nature and teaches organic gardening skills. This year children have grown, harvested, and eaten tomatoes, potatoes, watermelon, kale, pumpkins, beans ad flowers. Recently a parent remarked that after sampling the kale at school her son requested it be served at home. Program Director, Valerie Piedmont says this illustrates the notion that when children play an active part in growing nutritious food they are more likely to eat it!

    The weekly after-school "Gardening, Nature and Nutrition Club" provides Gilsum Elementary School students hands on experience in sustainable life skills.


The Sustainability Project
P.O. Box 311, 26 Emerson Brook Drive, Gilsum, NH 03448, (603) 209-7272

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