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The Model Forest Policy Program

In 2010, The Sustainability Project (TSP) in collaboration with Tom Sintros, received a highly competitive Model Forest Policy Program (MFPP) grant to address forest and water protection policies in the Ashuelot River Watershed.

Tom, an advisor to The Sustainability Project, has a long history of supporting environmental causes; he served on the Cities for Climate Protection committee in Keene, received the Krista McAuliffe Award for Project PLACE (Public Lands Adoption and Community Education), and served as chair of the Keene Conservation Commission. Tom has been a board member of Stonewall Farm, Friends of Open Space, and the Ashuelot River Park Advisory. He received training through The Climate Project (Al Gore) to be a Climate Change educator/presenter. A tireless advocate for stewardship of Pisgah State Park and other local forested lands, Tom continues to inspire his students, colleagues and the wider community to responsibly steward our natural resources.

As part of the project,Tom worked with DES (State Climate Change Action Plan), the Southwest Regional Planning Commission, the Ashuelot River Local Advisory Committee, City of Keene water and planning members, Conservation Commissions and local non-profits to address and update climate change policies, implementation plans, and land use plans.

Few plans from around the country effectively address aspects of climate change, especially with regards to water and forest protection. Rural communities and forested watersheds play a vital role in solving our climate crisis. Healthy forests and watersheds conserve water resources, protect citizens from flooding, drought, and health hazards, sequester carbon, preserve their economy, and maintain natural habitat. Now is the time for communities to act in order to preserve our forests for their natural beauty, as a renewable economic resource, and for the greater long-term health of our planet.

For an in-depth look at the study:
Ashuelot River Watershed NH Climate Adaptation Plan
Ashuelot River Watershed Case Study


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