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Please describe any interests, education, passions, experience and competencies that would be helpful for us to know as we consider your application.

What are some of your skills and interests that might be applicable to the internship? Such as: permaculture design, gardening, trail building and maintenance, conflict resolution and team facilitation, leading workshops, carpentry, solar (PV) design or installation, making music, cooking, carpentry, community building, mapping, making interpretive signs, art, cobb construction, irrigation, mulching, other?

What's your strongest learning style? Visual, Aural, Experiential, etc.

What do you want to learn from the internship program?

In what specific focus areas would you feel comfortable leading a workshop?

What are your greatest personal strengths?

What do you believe holds you back from being your most effective self?

Briefly discuss a recent learning experience. What made it work for you? What elements might have improved the setting? What were the lessons?

What experiences have you had living and working in a community of any kind?

If you are completing an internship as part of a college program, please send a list of expectations required for successful completion of program.

Please list 3 references that we can contact as part of our selection process. Include their contact information, your relationship, and how long you've known each other.

Please email your answers and a resume to

The Sustainability Project
P.O. Box 311, 26 Emerson Brook Drive, Gilsum, NH 03448, (603) 209-7272
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